College students scatter to serve

Students from Temple’s college ministry have left their comfort zones to serve God in mission opportunities not only in Louisiana but also in other states and in other countries in the summer of 2018. Please pray for these young people.

  • Aldin Brady, Calgary, Canada
  • Kayla Clark, Houston, Texas
  • Camille Cole, Eunice, Louisiana
  • Michael Dickson, Bossier City, Louisiana
  • Andrew Ebeyer, Calgary, Canada
  • Lauren Fletcher, Eunice, Louisiana
  • Garrett Gibson, Benton, Louisiana
  • Zach Harper, Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Miranda Howland, Hunt, Texas
  • Clay Hudson, Eunice, Louisiana
  • Hannah Jones, Chicago, Illinois
  • Maggie Jones, West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Stephen Kessler, Calgary, Canada
  • Meredith Nichols, Tyler, Texas
  • Jaina Robinson, Calgary, Canada
  • Connor Scott, West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Emily Seabaugh, Chicago, Illinois
  • Sarah Beth Sewell, Eunice, Louisiana
  • Hyder Spence, Black Mountain, North Carolina
  • Mitchell Spillers, Flint, Texas
  • Ashley Swofford, West Palm Beach, Florida

Students summer 2018

About Eddie Blick

I am a retired journalism teacher and a member of Temple Baptist Church in Ruston, La. This blog is one of several that I created as outlets for my interests.
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