Team writes from South Asia

The following message was forwarded from Minister of Missions John King.


Greetings from the South Asia !

Our trip has been very crazy thus far, even more so than the usual here. We left Ruston Friday morning at 10:30…ish and headed to Shreveport, where we got stuck on I-20 by a wreck. We made it to the airplane in plenty of time and arrived happily in Houston. When we arrived in Houston, we found out that the company that owned our connecting flight from Munich to our capital city, Lufthansa, was having a pilot strike. Through God’s grace, we found a United Airlines worker at the boarding desk, named Miguel, who set us up with a new set of flights through London. We were excited and ready to go. ..then the plane to London was delayed an hour due to a computer problem. With the plane delayed, we would miss our next flight, but our buddy Miguel gave us directions for the fastest route inside the London airport and booked us into a separate flight just in case. By the time we arrived in London, we were too late for our first flight, so security saw that we were already booked for another flight, printed our new boarding passes without any problems, and gave us each 10 pounds to use during our 8 hour layover.
So far its been 4 hours Ruston to Houston, 2 hours in Houston, 8 hours to London, 8 hours in the London airport, 8 hours on the plane to our final destination city.
We finally get to the capital city,, and our one bag we checked, filled with Pepto and gifts for a local man and his family, was lost, it took us 1 hour to get all the forms filled out, (quite a few people lost their luggage.) We finally meet our driver who will drive us 3.5 hours to our train in a major tourist city. 9.5 hours later than we had planned. We missed out on seeing the Taj Mahal, but we did get to eat our favorite restaurant in that city. After we ate, we made it to the train station 30 minutes before our train departed, as recommended, and then the train was delayed 45 min. We finally board for our 1 hour ride to the city and get to our hotel at 8 p.m.

After 36 hours of travel, 10.5 hours of delays, and at least 3 plane itinerary changes. We were finally able to shower, change clothes, brush our teeth, and lay down in a bed to sleep. Friday 1030 am – Sunday 8 p.m. Then, on Monday, we could start working.

Monday we ate a healthy breakfast of chickpeas, white bread, penne pasta in red sauce, and corn flakes before driving 100 km south to our first training session. We were expecting 9 pastors, but only 6 were able to come and what a 6 to have! These 6 brothers in Christ were very well prepared amd eager to work and learn. They told us of success and troubles they faced. Villages they wanted to reach, but that they could not go to for the villagers would drag them to the police. They told us of health problems in their families and great success in reach new people and teaching them to follow God. We taught, reviewed, mapped out their churches, planned for the rest of the week, and, most importantly, fellowshipped and listened.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we review and visit local churches in their villages. Through the grace of God, it will be as good as today, if not better.

Daniel and Patrick

About Eddie Blick

I am a retired journalism teacher and a member of Temple Baptist Church in Ruston, La. This blog is one of several that I created as outlets for my interests.
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  1. Sophia Wood says:

    Thanks for posting this & many prayers for our team over there.

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