International Missions: Ecuador

2014 Lottie Moon graphic - smallerTony Mathews, pastor of North Garland Baptist Fellowship in Garland, Texas, leads his church and pastors of other churches in his area in partnering with International Mission Board missionaries in Ecuador.

Mathews and teens

Tony Mathews talks with teens at a school in Lagarto, Ecuador. (Source:

Missionaries Donna and Johnny Maust work with Mathews and others to increase the involvement of people in their area with the activities of those in full-time missions in Ecuador. Mathews leads missions trips to Ecuador, where he and others from his area join with the Mausts in trying to reach Afro-Ecuadorians (descendants of African slaves) with the Gospel.

Mausts on bridge

IBM missionaries Donna and Johnny Maust use a swinging bridge to reach a village in Ecuador that is accessible only by this bridge or by boat. (Source:

Activities during mission trips include visiting and sharing the Gospel with Ecuadorians and teaching Ecuadorian students English as a second language at a local school.

Mathews and others hope to form a body of believers in Lagarto, Ecuador, in a region described on an IMB website as having “only a handful of Baptist churches”in a region of 600,000 people. The website added, “The pastors realize it won’t always be that easy to lead people to Christ in an area steeped in drug trafficking, witchcraft and teen pregnancy.”

Your gift to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering can help with these missions efforts in Ecuador and with international missions around the world.

Material taken from Prayer Guide supplied by the International Mission Board and from and

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