North American Missions: Canada

PrintFewer than 1 percent of the residents of Quebec, Canada, are evangelical Christians. After serving in overseas missions, Lucas Aube  felt God’s call to return home to try to reach some of the 99+ percent who need to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Lucas Aube

Now Aube is a church planter and is collegiate minister at Bishops University and Champlain College. His Quebec background enables him to understand the people there and reach them in ways that others could not.

Pray for:

  • Transformed communities in Quebec and on the college campuses.
  • Salvation of students with whom Aube interacts regularly.
  • Continued equipping of leaders to work with Aube in ministering to students.

Material taken from Prayer Guide supplied by the North American Mission Board and from Lucas Aube’s information at For more about North American Mission Board activities in Canada, go to Regional Focus: Canada.

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I am a retired journalism teacher and a member of Temple Baptist Church in Ruston, La. This blog is one of several that I created as outlets for my interests.
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