North American Missions: Burbank, California

PrintAra Torosian has suffered for the Gospel. He was blindfolded and beaten after being caught smuggling Bibles from Turkey to his Southern Baptist underground church in Iran, but he refused to divulge the names of other Christian leaders.

13-14 Ara Torosian

Ara and Anet Torosian and their daughter, Emily

Now Torosian is a church planter for the North American Mission Board and pastor of the Armenian Fellowship Church of Burbank, one of the first Armenian Southern Baptist Churches. The congregation is spreading the Gospel to Armenian-speaking people in the Burbank, Calif., area.


  • That the church will grow spiritually.
  • That the church will start more churches to reach people who speak Armenian and Farsi.
  • That the church will be a family for new refugees, helping them to overcome the challenges that they face.
  • For protection of the family against spiritual warfare.

Material taken from Prayer Guide supplied by the North American Mission Board and from Ara and Anet Torosian’s information at

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