Personal perspective on Temple’s South Asia ministry

IMG_20130419_135132_048Zach Williams, a member of Temple Baptist Church, is accompanying Minister of Missions John King on a trip to South Asia. Zach provided the following commentary, and John provided the accompanying photographs.

I came to South Asia not quite knowing what to expect. I had talked with others who had gone before, done some research, and prepared for all of our training material. But I still could not picture myself halfway around the world, standing in front of eager Christians in an area where they are outnumbered 300-1.

IMG_20130415_154703_134 (cropped)The area South Asia Temple is partnered with is vastly different than the United States, but it works. Traffic does not seem to follow any standard traffic laws, but the cars, rickshaws, and bikes all somehow move in unison. Animals (cows, dogs, goats, pigs) roam the streets, but they are just part of the landscape, like a pigeon in a city park. Housing and plumbing may be considered primitive, but generations of families live together, all pitching in for the good of the household. And the most stark distinction from Ruston, there is an extremely small amount of Christians. But they are ready to spread the Good News forcefully and rapidly.

Our team was able to train two different sets of believers. The two classes were at different points in their ministry, but both had the same enthusiasm for the Gospel. The IMB missionary team in this area has developed a strong training network that is laying the groundwork for a rapid growth of new churches in the area. There are 20,000 towns or villages in the area that do not currently have an evangelical church. This team and the bold believers in this area are living out what the disciples and Paul did in the book of Acts. And armed the same power of the Holy Spirit given to those in Acts, these ambitious believers can use the time we have spent in training for church multiplication to complete the impossible task of reaching these 20,000 unreached towns and villages. They continue to need our prayers for diligence and boldness and the support of churches like Temple.

About Eddie Blick

I am a retired journalism teacher and a member of Temple Baptist Church in Ruston, La. This blog is one of several that I created as outlets for my interests.
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