Prayer, financial help needed for ‘Reach New Orleans’

The article below is from the Jan. 16, 2013, issue of The Tidings.

Every year, thousands of individuals and families travel to New Orleans, La., during Mardi Gras looking to have a good time; but many of them are secretly hurting and searching for meaning in life. This year our college ministry is partnering with college ministries around the state to participate in a new ministry called Reach New Orleans. Reach New Orleans continues in the vein of Beach Reach, which we have participated in the past two years, to offer a unique missions experience designed to meet these individuals in some surprising ways and point them towards Jesus through acts of servant evangelism.

At Reach New Orleans, college students will spend their days serving parents and kids via family tents where they will lead activities for children and serve tourists with free food and water. They will also serve local police officers and other Mardi Gras workers by simply recognizing their value to the community during this time, seeking to meet their needs. During these interactions, college students will have the opportunity to share the hope and love that Christ has for them. Throughout the week, attendees also will enjoy insightful teaching and worship from some of the best leaders in college and young adult ministry.

We are excited about His new missions endeavor. We know that God will use us when we make ourselves available to Him. How can you help? You can scholarship a student for Reach New Orleans for $100. Also, you can pray for the mission experience Feb. 8-12, 2013. We will be sharing the love of Christ in our own state with people from around the world. We have an amazing opportunity before us, encourage your college student to REACH NEW ORLEANS!

–by Casey Casady, Minister to College Students

About Eddie Blick

I am a retired journalism teacher and a member of Temple Baptist Church in Ruston, La. This blog is one of several that I created as outlets for my interests.
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