Report from South Asia: Nov. 8, 2012

As time and Internet access permit, Minister of Missions John King is providing reports on the activities of Temple’s three-man team that is working with church planters in South Asia. Here is his report as of Nov. 8.

Matt Woodard and Matt Barham share chai (spiced tea) and testimony with residents of a small village.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying for us in South Asia. The past few days have been full of activity, and we have seen the fruit of your prayers for our strategic partner state. Monday and Tuesday we continued a training program started by IMB missionaries with a group of church planters serving all across this region. We celebrated with them as they shared their personal testimonies about how God had delivered them from idol worship and false teaching. We grieved with them over the persecution they, and the members of their churches must endure. Most of all, we rejoiced at the news of the Gospel entering new villages and people groups, where it had never been heard!

Wednesday, we trekked south of our focus city and met with groups of believers in remote villages. We were amazed at the tight spaces our driver managed to work the SUV into. We were more amazed that out in the most isolated scenes we could imagine, there were believers gathered, worshipping the Lord and hungry to hear God’s Word taught.

Matt Barham and Matt Woodard pose with three of our local brothers training for ministry.

Today (Thursday) we met with church planters who are targeting a people group of over 7 million that is unreached (less than 2% evangelical Christian) and unengaged (no known church or mission organization is working among them.) It was a reminder that even though the message of Christ has reached places we never knew existed, there are still huge pockets of lostness!

Tomorrow (Friday) we will spend the day meeting with believers and our missionary partner, encouraging them, and developing plans for future work here. Saturday night we head back to the capital, and fly back home first thing in the morning.

This is probably my last post before we leave, but I should have a final summary and hope I can goad Matt Woodard and Matt Barham to share some of their thoughts as well.



Matt Woodard trains a group of rural church planters on basic Bible study methods.

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