Pictures show team’s activities in India

Today’s email brought a note from John King with pictures from some of the activities in which he, Dr. Rick Byargeon and Casey Casady have been involved in India. John hopes to send a more detailed report tomorrow (March 23). Be sure to return to this site for that update.

House Churches

Many of the churches in India meet in people’s homes. Dr. Rick preached in one of those Sunday, March 20. The pictures below show him and Casey with the group he preached to.

Holi Festival

Casey and John wear colored powder as part of the annual Holi Festival celebrated in India. The festival was celebrated March 20 this year.

Tourist Activity

Some of the Temple trio’s travel in India has been by train, as illustrated by the first picture below. The group also has seen well-known landmarks. Note Dr. Rick’s posing in front of the Taj Mahal in the second picture.

About Eddie Blick

I am a retired journalism teacher and a member of Temple Baptist Church in Ruston, La. This blog is one of several that I created as outlets for my interests.
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